A Wombat Skeleton Of A Prehistoric Monster

Recently a wombat skeleton has been found in Australia. According to scientists it is of a pre-historic monster. According to scientists, that monster did not feed on flesh only, but whatever creature got in his way, would have definitely trampled to death.

The skeleton is of a giant wombat named as diprotodon. It weighs around 3 tons and stretches up to a length of fourteen feet. According to research and studies, the wombat giant roamed in the continent of Australia two million years ago.

A few things have been discovered after looking at the fragment of bone found with the wombat giant skeleton. This fragment of bone has been found with the remains of another diprotodon. The wombat skeleton has been discovered from South Wales and at the time of early Aborigines, these creatures lived there.

In that fragment a small bone was found and it suggests that this wombat giant was brought down by using a spear. According to Micheal Archer, a professor from Australian Museum, they will be able to reconstruct all the bones and will put them in correct and original positions and this will give them a better idea of the exact shape of the wombat giant. This skeleton was found at the cattle station, where the professor has travelled.

Some artists have even drawn the paintings according to the shape believed by the scientists, but the exact shape will only be found after the placement of bones in the original position. The size and the shape of the creature will be revealed soon. According to Archer, the skeleton of the creature was relatively undamaged and definitely weighs three tons. Another unusual thing that occurred was that all the bones of the creature were found at one place. According to him only one bone was sticking out and therefore they found the rest of them.

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