Another Reason To Switch From AT&T

Robert J. Ringer in a book he wrote a long time ago that AT&T had to be the worst company in the galaxy.

More than 10 years later, we have proof that is still true.

They will be the first carrier to use location based sensing ability to target text ads. with coupons and other offers to subscribers, beginning in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco.

One of it’s first clients is Kmart. The ‘victim’ (you) will be targeted within one mile. As it is based on cell-tower location it works on any phone (not just smartphones).

Other firms likely to upset AT&T customers are:

Got Milk?
Kibbles ‘n Bits
Nature’s Recipe

You must opt-in according to the statement.

And the Easter Bunny is going to bring you a great basket of treats too.

The pee & vinegar tone of this piece is based 100% on personal history of myself and people I know.

To wit:

An AT&T pre-paid calling card which states a maximum fee using a pay phone. The end-game, $5.00 USD for making a 3 minute Local call in New York against the card. More than twice the printed maximum rate.

Myself and friends all HAD AT&T pre-pay phones for ‘roaming without roaming’. We did not want voice mail, and did not turn it on. AT&T ‘helpfully’ turning it on, then charging a $1.00 USD access fee for using the system. I personally watched over $50 get burned this way. And in my 1st degree circle of friends report the same issue. Forget the fact you have to pay to hear old voice mails that are no longer valid, adding insult to injury.

Popular and multiple experiences that are far more recent than Ringers comment speak volumes of the sub-optimal choices within AT&T.

Certainly I wish to see technology advance and only wish it was a firm that does do what it, in writing, says it will do.

My best advice is if you are with AT&T, RUN to another carrier. You can force AT&T to port your current phone number if that is important.

Users do not like Ads on their phones.

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