Assess, the New Online Assessment Tool for Government Job Applicants

New assessment tools have replaced the traditional complex knowledge, skills and abilities statements completed by government job applications. The introduction of the new assessment tools has been made by the Office of Personnel Management.

Angela Bailey, OPM’s deputy associate director for recruitment and diversity, said that Assess, the online platform, will be used to streamline the federal hiring process. Assess provides testing tools for almost all kinds of government jobs which mainly include security administrators, human resource managers, administrative assistants, accountants, budget analysts, contracting officers and information technology workers etc. to be exact, Assess serves as a perfect testing tool for applicants to 12 types of jobs frequently found across government.

Bailey also said that they took their time in introducing Assess, but it was worthwhile as its quality and focus are remarkable.

The first agency to use Assess was The Agriculture Department’s Farm Service Agency in Kansas City. Other agencies such as Defense, Health and Human Services and Justice will also be using Assess soon. Up till now, Assess has been quite satisfying.

The quality which makes Assess unique is that it takes into account various aspects such as problem solving, math reasoning, reading comprehension and decision-making skills. Then t automatically scores and weighs the score based on the particular field applicant has applied to.

OPM also plans to work with agencies to develop more specialized assessment tools for occupations such as nursing and engineering, but those tools could be several years away. It was pretty obvious that if agencies found convenience in such a discovery, then more agencies would step forward and want similar assessment tools as well. Therefore OPM is going slow and steady, and will step by step fulfill the need of each and every agency, but does not plan to show haste, at all.

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