Home Business Rules Tightened in Deltona

The City commission is considering introducing a new law about the home businesses. About 1,100 home businesses are currently running in Deltona.

Home business licenses were being given by the commissioners, as they approved the ordinance tightening rules on home businesses. For the law to go into effect, the commission must approve it on a second reading, expected April 18.

City Attorney Gary Cooney wrote in a memo that the city had a “perceived loophole” in its home business requirements.

Residents complained about the former city attorney George Trovato illegally operating his law practice out of a home. But they were disappointed as no code action was taken. Cooney wrote in a memo that the home business ordinance rules make it difficult for code enforcement. It becomes difficult as it is hard to determine whether a second home may be used for a home occupation and whether people appearing to work at the home are actually employees residing on the premises.

Lee Lopez, a city spokesman said that there are no particular code cases that prompted this direction from the City Commission. Similarly, last week, the Trovato case was acknowledged by Mayor John Masiarczyk and he said that the case was illustrative of the problem.

On the other hand, Vice Mayor Paul Treusch claimed that he wants to make sure that they people running home businesses in Deltona are definitely the residents of Deltona. He strictly said that home businesses running in Deltona are to be operated only by the local residents and he believed that this is the first step in doing that.

Cooney said that Home-occupied businesses are not supposed to create any more traffic than any other residential home would. No customers and employees are supposed to be coming and going to the home business.


Guillen Praises Manny Ramirez’s Career

Manager Ozzie Guillen said that he did not have any kind of complaints, regrets or issues having Manny Ramirez with the ball club, despite the fact that had hit only .261 with a single home run and two RBIs in 24 games for the White Sox at the end of last season. Guillen said that Manny was a great player and has done a lot for the game. His achievements were remarkable. He was one of the best hitters. Although he was not in the best of his form last year, but Guillen wished that he had played better and also that he could continue playing for the clubhouse.

Ramirez retired Friday from the Rays, who were playing the Sox. Ramirez made around $1.1 million while he played in Chicago and is still making around $3 million as deferred payments from the Sox.

Omar Vizquel, now with the White Sox, was a teammate of Ramirez in Cleveland. Vizquel exclaimed that if any team would want a guy to perform in the toughest of situation, Ramirez would be the one. It might seem that he is not bothered, is not thinking or does not care, but in the end, the way he approaches towards the at-bat is just simply amazing. Vizquel also added that he feels sorry that Ramirez left the game.

Ramirez’s best years of his career came with the Indians and Red Sox. Ramirez served an MLB-ordered drug violation suspension with the Dodgers before he came to the Sox.

Vizquel expressed that every player knew the consequences of drug use very well, and maybe Ramirez deliberately used them, just to find an excuse to leave and which he did, by retiring.

Guillen said that the Major League Baseball is after drug users, they are not playing around an they do not take such matters easily. They will now be regularly checking and monitoring other players as well. He also warned his players to be careful now because if they’re found guilty, they will be punished, so the risk is not at all worth taking.

Fluctuation In U.S. Stock

On Tuesday, the U.S. stock market gained as it overcame the weak Citigroup results and concerns about Apple as news spread of Steve job’s medical leave.

There was a shift of focus as investors focused on the increased price targets of Google and Dhow component Caterpillar.

After the announcement of Steve Job’s medical leave, the shares of Apple Inc dropped 2.3 percent to $340.65.

Bellwether Technology’s shares decreased their earlier losses and eased pressure on stock indexes. In Nasdaq 100. NDX, apple has a weighting of about 21 percent which edged upto 0.2 percent.

Managing director of Wedbush Morgan in San Francisco, Stephen Massocca said that it looks like the news is troubling for the company but since it’s Apple, there should be little concern.

After the closing, Apple Inc reported revenue that was better than expected. This was due to holiday sales of iPhone and iPad, sending shares up by 4.3 percent to $355.22 in extended rate.

The news about Apple’s stock decline triggered a gain in shares of Google that was up by 2.5 percent at $639.63. Brokerages raised their price target on the company’s stock resulting in Google’s stock advancement.

There was an increase observed in Dow which was due to gain in Caterpillar Inc. Stock of heavy equipment makers, Caterpillar Inc rose by 2.8 percent at $ 96.23 after Raymond James raised its price target to $116 from $95.

The rise of Dow is also considered to be a result of rise in Boeing Co. Boeing Co. gained 3.4% to $72.47 after the plane maker removed fears about the delivery schedule of its long-delayed 787 Dreamliner jet.

In recent weeks rise in stocks has been observed due to optimism about earnings. S&P 500 posted its 7th straight week of gains on Friday.

The financial SPDR exchange-traded fund (XLF.P) was off by 0.5 percent and the KBW bank index .BKX came down by 1.2 percent after recent gains. Better than anticipated results from JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) last Friday lent optimism about bank stocks, which had remained stagnant in recent weeks.

Declining stocks were outnumbered by advancing stocks on NYSE by 1,374 to 1,626. On Nasdaq, the decliners were 1,369 while advancers were 1,278.

Gmail – Almost Four 9′s Uptime in 2010

And an uptime of 99.984 is dang close to 4 9′s. That works out to 7 minutes a month of no email. Not bad. Good enough that the firm will give credit to (paying) customers of Gmail or Google Apps for any downtime, removing the provision of not counting for scheduled downtime.

The company stated that those experiencing heart-attack producing moments for upwards of 20 hours at the end of February did NOT lose one email or contact.

Ben Treynor stated: “I know what some of you are thinking: how could this happen if we have multiple copies of your data, in multiple data centers?

The answer is: “Well, in some rare instances software bugs can affect several copies of the data. That’s what happened here. Some copies of mail were deleted, and we’ve been hard at work over the last 30 hours getting it back for the people affected by this issue.”

Here’s the kicker I didn’t know. They protect against that by going back to the very old-school nature of TAPE backup!

Treynor said: “That’s why it’s hours to restore e-mail instead of milliseconds.”


I’m impressed with the transparency Google revealed during the crisis, verses the guys further up Interstate 5, in Redmond, WA. when they have had ‘bad hair days’.

As Google is very low cost compared to running your own show, this is an impressive ROI that is being proven with time.


Food Crisis In India

Crisis of food inflation in India rose to its highest during the fifth consecutive week which enforced expectations of increased tax rates in January.

The increase in prices of many basic food-stuff has raised the question of government’s inability to provide solution for the rising inflation. It is said that weak monetary policies, poor infrastructure, hoarding and supply bottlenecks are the cause of ever increasing inflation.

The prices of vegetables such as onions and tomatoes have increased due to unseasonal rains. However many people blame the increase on poor agricultural productivity and lack of transport due to lack of government investment.

The price of onion increased 23% over a week’s time. This is a basic food item used by Indian families. The food price index rose by 18.3% while fuel price index increase by 11.6%.

Hitendra Dave, Head of Global Markets, HSBC India, Mumbai said that we should be ready for a much larger rate hike series than what we were expecting a month ago. This will make the entire swap curve shift upwards.

The benchmark 5-year swap rose by 9 basis points to 7.84 % and the 1-year swap rose 8 by basis points to 7.10%.

India’s Central bank raised interest rates six times in 2010 and is expected to raise them further by 25 basis points on January 25th. Analysts have forecasted that the rates will increase by 75 basis points in 2011.

After the floods causing the shortage of food in India and Pakistan, there is a mini-trade war in progress between the two countries. Pakistan banned its trade of onion to India in response to India’s ban of cotton export to Pakistan.

The domestic food inflation comes at a time when globally the prices of food items have increased. The global food prices reached a record high last month, exceeding the numbers that caused riots in 2008.

Pranab Mukherjee Finance Minister has requested state governments to remove all bottlenecks in supply and ensure that prices of items like vegetables, meat and fish are brought down.


Cold Fusion Is Back

TRCBnews is amazed this piece for Pure Energy Systems News has not been picked up already. On 14 January 2011, Professor Sergio Focardi and Andrea A. Rossi with the University of Bologna held a press conference demonstrating successful cold fusion.

Successful means producing more energy than it takes to run the generator.

While the nickel-hydrogen fusion reactor peaks out at 15,000 Watts of power with a 400 Watts of input, this is not something the scientists are suggesting. There stated goal is to run the reactor at a 8 to 1 ratio. This is just above the minimal operating conditions to insure safety.

It would appear from both the posted video releases this is NOT a smoke and mirrors game. None of here have a Phd in Physics, and we’re somewhat scientifically oriented. A couple of items struck us.

  1. Cold fusion is a relative term. This is not happening at say 20 or 30 C. Going through the blog Q&A, it needs a minimum of 400C to operate. Not too difficult to contain that sort of operating conditions.
  2. It’s ‘dealer network’ will re-fuel the reactor every six months.
  3. 125 modules will create a 1 megawatt plant, with an operational cost of about $0.01 USD per kilowatt hour. Certainly less than any carbon based fuel.

Some circles in the scientific community are less than happy they have not gone through the egg head society to have a peer review of the work. The pair do not feel that is the correct approach. They are working on the patent process before revealing certain ‘how-to’s’.

From an operational stand point have a simple on/off switch, however it is more efficient to leave the reactor running as the start up is less efficient.

Other observations include:

No radiation escapes the lead shielding.

Tungsten is not used in the process (an element subject to difficulty to obtain).

The current system in worst case mode is energy at a 6:1 ratio. Lab tests have obtained a 400:1 ratio, however that also created explosions.

After the unit is turned off, there is no radioactivity in the cell. In other words, there is no nuclear waste.

Going through every post and reply in the blog site (which sometimes stalls due to increasing traffic until they add bandwidth), the pair are not interested in proving a bumble bee cannot fly to the scientific community. They just want to make reactors that are safe and cheap producers of energy.

Governments Commitment to Christchurch

Prime Minister John Key reassured the National Party faithful in Christchurch of the Government’s commitment to rebuild the city. He made this commitment while informing about the budget’s quake-recovery package.

Mr. Key was speaking at the party’s regional conference when he outlined changes introduced in last week’s budget. The changes included the establishment of a $5.5 billion earthquake recovery fund.

He said that the budget was a proof to the people that their Government was committed to them. He also added that they, the government, believed in their people and cared about their future, which is why they were outing their money on the line for that city.

Mr. Key said that the National’s first term had been challenging, noting in particular the global recession, the Pike River mine tragedy and Canterbury’s two earthquakes. He explained that those events had made life difficult for many Kiwis. So the hearts of government officials had gone out to the families who had lost their loved ones, or who had their livelihoods taken away and their daily lives turned upside down.

He also exclaimed that they had everything they could to stand by those affected and to provide them the leadership and support they needed.

While speaking more broadly about the budget, Mr. Key said that it had been committed to the rebuild with the earthquake fund, and it had also committed to reducing the country’s debt. He said that The National Party knew that New Zealand could not afford to keep borrowing its way to the future. They did not want the country to be built on one big Ponzi scheme.

Mr. Key also stood by the decisions on which the government had been criticized by some, for making cuts to KiwiSaver and Working for Families schemes. He boldly said that unashamedly they had done some trimming. They followed the planning in which less money was reserved for bureaucracy, less money for backroom administration and less money for Wellington waste.


Avon Churches Celebrate Good Friday, Easter

To some people, Easter is all about bunnies, Cadbury eggs, spring flowers and peeps but to Christians, it is much more. This is why Avon churches are going all out this week to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Avon churches believe that Easter is the most important time of the year as Jesus Christ died for them and was raised and the promise of eternal life means a lot to them. Some Fathers believe Easter to be even more important than Christmas. So they try to spend it giving thanks for all God has done for them and they hope that everyone will take time to give back to God what he’s given to them.

Every church in Avon has a unique style of celebrating Easter and they offer Avon residents numerous options for participating in the Holy Week.

Providence Church starts it celebration with an original worship event. Then groups of 4-5 people take tour of the church, through different rooms and follow the story of redemption through sensory experiences. The event is free and people are welcome to visit the church any time between 5 and 9 p.m.

Hope Christian Church holds a Good Friday service at 7 p.m. The service is a time of reflection with communion and worship music from the church’s contemporary worship band. And then the Easter services begin at 8 a.m. free breakfast is served.

Faith Lutheran Church will be conducting a Holy Thursday service at 7 p.m. April 21, and Good Friday service at 7 p.m. April 22. Its 8 a.m. Easter service on April 24 will be traditional, and its 10:30 a.m. Easter service contemporary with a worship band.

St. Mary of The Immaculate Conception and Holy Trinity Church will have similar events during Holy Week. Both churches will have a Mass of the Lord’s Supper at 7:30 p.m. April 21, and Good Friday service at 3 p.m. April 22.

Holy Trinity will hold a candlelight vigil at 9:30 p.m. April 23

False Claims By Abbott Result In Millions Of Dollars Of Settlement Charge

On Tuesday when the Justice Department of the United States charged Abbott Laboratories (ABT.N) along with two other drug-makers with a fine of $421 million for being accused of allegedly marking up product prices to qualify for a huge payment from the Government via Medicare and Medicaid health care reimbursement programs.

A total settlement charge amounting to $126.5 million is being asked to be paid by Abbott as criminal charges under the False Claims Act for inflation of price on two antibiotic drugs as well as for the agents who have allegedly facilitated intravenous infusions with other products.

The settlement fee of millions and millions of dollars will dismiss the criminal charge of Abbott’s reporting of false pricing of its products which are determinants for Medicaid and Medicare rates. The said wrongful act was aimed to gain higher reimbursement payment from the U.S. Government.

Another drug-maker, Roxanne Laboratories, which is said to be affiliated with a respected German-owned drug company known as Boehringer Ingelheim, has been sued for the same criminal case and had to settle $280 million to resolve the charges filed by the Justice Department of the Unites States.

Along with Abbott and Roxanne Laboratories, a subsidiary unit of B. Braun Melsungen AG fromGermany, B. Braun Medical, upon settlement, agreed to shoulder $14.7 million for a charge of making Medicaid healthcare program to pay relatively higher amounts to some of the said company’s health products.

As per the account of Miami US lawyer, Wilfredo Ferrer, the cost of various products were intentionally inflated by Abbott Laboratories, even the company is knowledgeable that the price increase would burden the government. He also said that the United States would, in return, shoulder millions and millions of dollars which, in effect, will lead to Abbott’s benefitting from the higher cost and which in the long run would lead to company’s amassing “huge profits”.

Attorney Wilfredo Ferrer, likewise, added that the government has essentially “footed the bill for Abbott’s marketing budget.


European Space Agency Launch Number 200 100% Success

The European Space Agency (ESA) has been pooling 18 European countries for over 40 years and supports the International Space Station (ISS).

The ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle) Johannes Kepler launched at 21:50 16 February 2011. This marks several milestones for mankind in space and the 200th launch by the ESA.

No only is the Johannes Kepler capable of a much larger payload than ATV-1 (the Jules Verne), it is also the first time an ATV has been used for mission critical supplies for the ISS crew, as well as putting the space station back into a higher orbit which naturally decays with time.

The Jules Verne first launched on 9 March 2008 first docked to the Russian section of the IIS on 3 April 2008.

The complexity of an automated docking to the ISS would be difficult to fathom to the average person. The maximum payload of the Johannes Kepler just a bit north of 6.6 metric tons, with combined wet and dry cargo. This mission includes the stuff that is a mere annoyance at best on terra firma. Beyond the fuel needed to boost the orbit of the ISS, that human basic requirement (water) which is not found easily in space is on the payload.

It may be interesting to note that that very life required component is the lightest part at 855 kg, or 855 liters (almost 2226 gallons of H2O weighing in at about 1885 pounds. The majority of the weight is used getting the beast ‘upstairs’, with the middle ground used for fuel to control space based control. Different fuels are needed when there is no air to convert fuel to usable energy.

Americans that have fretted that the Shuttle is being retired in 2011 can breath a sigh of relief that not only has ATV proven itself, again. ATV-3 the Edoardo Amaldi will keep the ISS alive and going in late 2011 to early 2012.

The next step is to give up burning the rig in re-entry (disposing of waste in the process) and to modify for human up and a safe return.

NASA buffs can get a great deal of data from http://www.esa.int

TRCBNews is happy to say we watched the launch live and we we’re amazed how the fully automatous operations work. Congratulations ESA!