Could Kindle Kill the Tablet/Phone Market?

On 9 March TRCBNews ran Web Revolution Version 3 Dying On The Vine? In that article we took a good look at a report from Forrester Research on the Mobile Market Revolution with Smart Phones and Tablets. At the end we speculated that the spoiler could well be the Amazon Kindle.

It appears, we’re not alone in that speculation. Sarah Rotman Epps is a Forrester Analysis serving Consumer Product Strategy Professionals. On 10 March in her blog she posted:  Why iPad 2 Won’t Have Much Competition in 2011 – Unless It’s From Amazon.

It is an Excellent read. If you want to check it out now, go ahead. We’ll wait for you to come back.

Let’s assume for a minute Jeff Bozos doesn’t want to take on the world. We also agree with the Forrester Analyst that Android is not going to put a serious dent in Apple iPads. (See TRCBNews 16 March: Android Is Winning Market Share: For Now). And according to, the Amazon Apps Store launches 22 March.

TechCrunch has a nice piece on why the Amazon App Store could be a Android App store that combines the safety of Apple’s with freedom of Google’s Android App  Market. We have already seen that Google‘s approach to freedom has its dangers. (7 March TRCBNews Mother of All Malware Found for Android).

Given the mindshare Amazon has along with its excellent backend operations, it’s logical they could be a real threat to Apple. Even more so if we’re correct that Amazon could be giving away the Kindle to it’s Prime Customers for free, by Christmas 2011.

Finally, there is one more thing that could spoil Apple’s ride. There state-of-the-art hardware is heavily dependent on components from Japan. The disaster of 11 March is certain to create a shortagefor the iconic company.

Amazon was founded in 1994 and began operations in Seattle in 1995. After an IPO filing on 15 May 1997 (NASDAQ AMZN) it was widely criticized and expected to fail in the dot-com bust. It didn’t record it’s first net profit until the end of 2001.


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