Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day 2023 Celebrated On Jan 16

World Martin Luther King Day 2023 federal holiday was observed on January 16, the third Monday of January. Americans all across America, honored the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, through various actions and messages.

Genesis Of MLK Day

MLK Day or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day 2023, is the day that gathers the most viewers, after Christmas Day. Created in 1986, it is celebrated on the third Monday in January, to honor the memory of Dr. King. 

Several Thousand Gathered In Washington

There were several thousand gathered in Washington in front of the memorial dedicated to Martin Luther King, to celebrate Martin Luther King Day 2023 events

In January, the 3rd Monday of every year, is a day of celebration in honor of the leader of the struggle for civil rights. 

It was seen as an opportunity for all the people gathered in the American capital, to pray together and to continue to carry the fight of Martin Luther King, on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day 2023.

President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden also paid tribute to the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize Winner, on Martin Luther King Jr Day 2023.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day 2023 is a public holiday in the United States, marking the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. 

Following the death of Martin Luther King Jr in 1968, Democratic Representative John Conyers introduced a bill in Congress, to make Luther King’s birthday a national holiday, highlighting Martin Luther King’s action alongside unions. 

The unions then took up this proposal and began to promote it in the 1970s.

In 1976…

Unions helped elect Jimmy Carter, who supported the bill. But after this support, the influence of the unions in the campaign for the King holiday diminished and the King Center sought the support of the business community and the general public. 

The success of this strategy grew when Stevie Wonder released his single Happy Birthday in 1980, to popularize the campaign and participated in the Rally for Peace press conference in 1981. 

6 million signatures were collected in a petition to Congress, asking that they pass the law to celebrate Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day.

Martin Luther King Avenue In Washington…

Is a must for the traditional Martin Luther King Day 2023 parade, which saw thousands of Americans march past. More than 100 organizations had registered to participate. January 15, 1929, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, saw the birth of Martin Luther King. At a very young age, he felt the horror of racial segregation and police brutality. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day 2023 was celebrated on Jan 16 with pomp and splendor!

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