Half Moon Bay Mass Shootings – A Case Of Workplace Violence Stated By Officials

Half Moon Bay mass shootings – a case of workplace violence, such has been stated by officials.

Farm Worker Kills 7

A farm worker has killed seven people in back-to-back shootings in a ‘workplace violence’ case, at two Northern California mushroom farms, officials said, as the state mourned its third massacre in just over 20 years, as a result of the Half Moon Bay shooting

Chunli Zhao, 66, was incarcerated on seven counts of murder and one count of attempted murder, according to prison records. He was being held without bond and was due in court on Wednesday because of the Half Moon Bay murders.

Authorities Believe…

Zhao acted alone when he entered a mushroom farm in Half Moon Bay, California and opened fire, killing four people and seriously injuring another, in what is now being labeled as the Half Moon Bay mass shootings, San Mateo County Sheriff’s officials said. 

He then drove to another nearby farm, where he previously worked and killed three other people, said Eamonn Allen, a sheriff’s spokesman.

Authorities have yet to release the names of the five men and two women who died or the name of the injured man, in the Half Moon Bay killings. Some were Hispanic, some Asian and others were migrant workers.

Not Zhao’s First Anger Fit 

This was not Zhao’s first fit of work rage. In 2013, Zhao was charged with threatening to split a colleague’s head open with a knife and separately trying to suffocate the man with a pillow.

The man, Jingjiu Wang, requested a temporary restraining order against Zhao, which was approved but is no longer in place while the two were housemates and employed at a restaurant. Wang could not be reached right away.

The Sheriff’s Office…

Identified the first filming location of the Half Moon Bay mass shootings, as Mountain Mushroom Farm. But last year, the business was taken over by California Terra Garden, so said David Oates, company spokesman. He did not know how long Zhao worked there, adding that he was one of 35 employees who remained when the owner changed. 

The Site Of The Second Shooting…

Was near Concord Farms. In a statement, it was said by the owner Aaron Tung, that before commenting on the Half Moon Bay mass shootings, the farm was awaiting more information.

Half Moon Bay is a small, laid-back coastal and farming town located about 50 kilometers south of San Francisco. Its sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean make it a popular spot for hikers and tourists, who come here for surfing and for an annual pumpkin festival.Several farm workers and their families lived in mobile homes at the mushroom farm, where all four died and were moved to hotels and offered mental health and other support, after the Half Moon Bay mass shootings.

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